Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Hello and welcome to the RealTime: Butch Femme blog.

RealTime: Butch Femme is a female group currently based in Eugene, Oregon. We use the Internet for planning the logistics to spend RealTime (in person) together. We explore the reality and experiences of females who live and love as either butch or femme during respectful discussions. 

Self-identifying as butch or femme is not necessary to be part of the group.

Our mission is to provide safe space for butch and femme females to come together and learn from one another, be visible to one another, provide support for one another, and build community based on the butch femme dynamic.

Our goal is to add to the continued leadership that is needed to protect, inform, and inspire the next generation of butch and femme females.

Email us to join our listserve and for more information.

Happy Butch Femme Days,

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